Breach of Promise

Definition - What does Breach of Promise mean?

A breach of promise is a break of an agreement that is not contractually bound but which gives rise to the implication of a contract. The most popular use of this term is when a person agrees to marry another person and then changes their mind after money has been spent on the wedding and of the idea of building a life together.

Justipedia explains Breach of Promise

If a fiancee breaks a relationship under the hypothetical terms above, it is possible for the other party to take the first party to court to recoup any losses which resulted from not going ahead with the wedding. In most cases, judges will rule in favor of the plaintiff in full or will rule that the parties split the lost costs. Breach of promise can exist where a party agrees to enter into any other type of contract. An example of this is if a business offers a job to someone who is already employed and the person quits their current job to work for the new business only to find the new business rescind their employment offer.

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