Breaking and Entering

Definition - What does Breaking and Entering mean?

Breaking and entering is when a person uses force to enter a building or a structure. This could involve large amounts of force, such as using explosives to blow a hole through a building wall, or a small amount of force such as pushing open a door. If the person who enters the building illegally plans to commit a crime inside, then it is also considered burglary.

Justipedia explains Breaking and Entering

Breaking and entering occurs when an individual uses force to get inside buildings without permission. They could do this by smashing a window and climbing inside, picking a locked door, climbing in through a skylight, or other means. In every case, the person does not have authorization to be inside the building and yet they decide to enter. Not all people who break and enter commit robbery. Sometimes they just trespass. However, breaking and entering is still illegal even without robbery.

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