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Excusable Homicide

Definition - What does Excusable Homicide mean?

Excusable homicide is when one person kills another in a manner that is in accordance with lawful conduct. Accidental and self-defense killings are two examples of homicides that are often excusable. However, state laws and the exact circumstances surrounding the killing determine if it is excusable or not.

Justipedia explains Excusable Homicide

The reason why homicide is sometimes excusable is because there are times when a person may kill another person without doing anything that is unlawful, and there are times when a person may need to kill another person in self-defense in order to preserve their own life. For example, a person may accidentally kill someone by crashing into them on a ski slope. Also, a person may kill someone who breaks into his or her house and puts his or her life in danger. Both of these situations would likely be excusable homicides, depending on state laws.

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