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Reckless Homicide

Definition - What does Reckless Homicide mean?

Reckless homicide is when one person accidentally kills another person by committing a reckless or unnecessarily dangerous act. Reckless homicide is distinguished from other types of killings. It is different from killings that occur as the result of accidents where no one was behaving recklessly, and it is different from killings that occur as the result of someone deliberately trying to kill another person, etc.

Justipedia explains Reckless Homicide

Car accidents that occur as the result of driving under the influence or other reckless behaviors can be classified as reckless homicides. In order for a behavior to be classified as "reckless," it must be clearly dangerous or irresponsible and be very different to what a person acting normally would do in such circumstances. For example, if a person decides to set off fireworks in the middle of oncoming traffic, and this causes a death, this could qualify as reckless homicide.

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