Depraved Heart Murder

Definition - What does Depraved Heart Murder mean?

Depraved heart murder is a form of murder where one person kills another person as a result of extreme negligence or reckless behavior. The word "depraved" in the beginning of this term refers to a depraved indifference to life, or participating in normal behavior that would not result in an obvious threat to human life.

Justipedia explains Depraved Heart Murder

Depraved heart murders do not reflect an intent to kill. However, they instead reflect behaviors that are so obviously dangerous, that people of common intelligence should know not to participate in them. For example, a man who throws bowling balls off the top of a sky scraper could be guilty of a depraved heart murder if the bowling balls killed a person on the ground far below. Depraved heart murders are serious offenses and can carry serious consequences.

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