Definition - What does Pandering mean?

Pandering is the act of arranging prostitutes and their clientele to meet and exchange sexual gratification for money. This act is illegal in most places in the United States. Portions of the state of Nevada are exceptions. The word "pandering" is often used interchangeably with the word "pimping." Those convicted of pandering can face jail time or other punitive consequences.

Justipedia explains Pandering

Pandering is typically done by pimps. Pimps often have multiple prostitutes who work for them. The pimps bring clients to the prostitutes or vice versa. Pandering is one of a number of sex-related crimes that exist in America. However, there are pimps who operate legally in Nevada, and pander to clients in accordance with Nevada state law. In order to be convicted of pandering, it must be clear that the person guided the client to a prostitute successfully, and that business took place.

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