Marital Rape

Definition - What does Marital Rape mean?

Marital rape is a crime where a spouse or ex-spouse forces their spouse or ex-spouse to participate in sexual acts with them against their will. Before the 1970s, marital rape was not a crime. However, the laws have since changed and marital rape is a crime just like many other types of rape. However, it is often not punished as severely as other types of rape.

Justipedia explains Marital Rape

Marital rape can apply to a man raping his wife, a wife raping her husband, a wife raping her wife or a husband raping his husband. Intercourse between husband and wife is required, by law, to be consensual. In other words, being someone's spouse does not mean that consent is not necessary. Marital rape can be accompanied by jail sentences or other legal punishments, just as other types of rape can.

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