Business Invitee

Definition - What does Business Invitee mean?

A business invitee is a person who enters an area owned by a business for the purpose of conducting business. This person can be invited directly by the company onto the premises or they can simply be an individual visiting a restaurant or store. The latter are presumed as business invitees although they were not directly invited. Companies can be held liable for injuries that occur to business invitees on company property.

Justipedia explains Business Invitee

Business invitees are basically just people who do business with a company on that company's property. A business invitee could be a high profile investor invited to take a tour of a company facility, it could be a mother buying groceries at the grocery store, or it could be someone bringing their computer to a computer repair shop. It is important for companies to account for the safety of their business invitees because in the event of an injury, the company could be held liable.

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