Bargain and Sale Deed

Definition - What does Bargain and Sale Deed mean?

A property deed that does not have any covenants or special provisions is called a bargain and sale deed. This means that there are no warranties given in relation to the property by the seller, and it is normally used during repossessions and implemented by executors as well as local governments.

Justipedia explains Bargain and Sale Deed

This is a free sale where there are no hindrances or obligations on behalf of the buyer. The sale itself is "as is" in nature, and there are no guarantees made on behalf of the sellers that anything works or is up to the level that it appears.

There would be no current architect or engineer certifications required on the property for the purpose of affecting the sale, and the new buyer might not be buying property with a clear title. There is the possibility that a charge or lien could exist against the property and the seller would not have to tell the buyer that.

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