Definition - What does Bylaw mean?

Bylaws are rules that are set up by organizations such as corporations, local governments, associations, etc. Bylaws provide regulations about conduct and are expected to be followed by members of the organization or by citizens of the community.

The organization could be a governing body, a company or any other group that wishes to enact rules that create standards of conduct for its members. Bylaws only apply to the members of the particular group, and can often differ widely from organization to organization or from community to community.

Justipedia explains Bylaw

When used by corporations, bylaws often do things such as establish rules for electing board members; rules for meetings and elections; outlines of responsibilities and duties for members; and regulations for other conduct.

There can be punishment for those in the group who do not follow the bylaws. These consequences can be dealt with by the organization or by the legal system, depending on the offense. Membership of an association, or employment at a company, can be terminated if certain bylaws are not followed.

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