Definition - What does Curtailment mean?

Curtailment is the act of lowering, lessening, or reducing. In the context of the law, curtailment can refer to an infringement of rights. This can happen if an authority reduces rights or privileges. Curtailment can result in lawsuits. This is because it is oftentimes illegal for one party to remove or lessen the rights of another. Curtailment can also refer to sentences being reduced or cut short.

Justipedia explains Curtailment

Sometimes, inmates in a prison can have their sentences curtailed. This could be because they have complied with the prison rules and have demonstrated good behavior, or because they have made a successful appeal, etc. These would be examples of legal curtailment. An illegal curtailment would be if a company forced its employees to work 20 hours a day and sleep at the office. Such an order from a company would be a curtailment of the rights of the workers and would be illegal.

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