Definition - What does Casualty mean?

A casualty is a person or a thing that has suffered serious damage, up to and including death. Casualties usually occur as a result of accidental or preventable events, such as car accidents. Some forms of casualty losses are tax deductible. To qualify, the damages have to unusual, sudden, or unforeseen

Justipedia explains Casualty

The term casualty is usually always associated with some form of tragic loss. For example, "casualties of war" or "casualties of the accident." Although the word casualty is often used synonymously with the word fatality, the two are not exactly the same. Casualty does not always mean loss of life, whereas fatality does. Casualty can include loss of life, but also serious injury, damages to property, etc. Whatevr the case may be, casualty refers to unsuspected or unforeseen damages that are severe in nature.

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