Collective Mark

Definition - What does Collective Mark mean?

A collective mark is a mark that is similar to a trademark. However, collective marks provide identification and labeling for members of a collective, instead of for a trade.

Collective marks are legally binding and people who infringe upon these marks can be prosecuted. Many different types of organizations have collective marks.

Justipedia explains Collective Mark

Part of the reason why many organizations use collective marks is so that people can tell who is a member of the association and who is not.

For example, the Society of Certified Public Accountants uses the collective mark "CPA" to identify its members. This means that people who are not a part of this association and who use the CPA collective mark after their names can be prosecuted for collective mark infringement. The CPA collective mark is only legally allowed to be used by actual members of the Society for Certified Public Accountants.

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