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Definition - What does Quasi-Contract mean?

A quasi-contract is a contract that is created by the courts for certain circumstances where a contract did not exist beforehand, but where the court deems it necessary to enforce one.

Quasi-contracts are often used in cases that involve unjust enrichment. Unjust enrichment is where one party profits unfairly due to errors or mistakes.

Justipedia explains Quasi-Contract

Quasi-contracts are often used by the court when a person accidentally becomes richer. For example, if a precious metals company accidentally delivers 20 ounces of gold to the wrong house, the court may use a quasi-contract to argue that the recipient of the gold must give it back to the precious metals company. This is because the quasi-contract would imply that in order to keep the gold, the person would have to pay the precious metals company the money that it was worth.

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