Rape Kit

Definition - What does Rape Kit mean?

A rape kit is a collection of materials and tools that are used to collect DNA evidence following a rape. Tools that can be included in a rape kit include swabs, plastic bags, plastic pipettes, a sterile comb and other items.

In the context of the law, DNA evidence gathered from rape kits can be used against defendants in a court of law.

Justipedia explains Rape Kit

Rape kits are typically used quickly after a rape has occurred. The reason is because this is when there is the greatest chance of being able to collect evidence from the person who committed the rape.

Rape is a serious offense and people found guilty of it can be sentenced to many years in prison. DNA evidence from rape kits is compared with a DNA sample from the suspect in rape cases. If the DNA matches, then this is often a crucial piece of evidence for getting a conviction.

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