Vacated Judgment

Definition - What does Vacated Judgment mean?

A vacated judgment is judgment made by a court, which has been overturned. Essentially, a vacated judgment makes a prior judgement null and void.

Vacated judgments are commonly made by appellate courts when they are asked to review a previous ruling. A judge will only vacate a judgment if they find a good legal reason to do so.

Justipedia explains Vacated Judgment

One of the most common reasons why vacated judgments occur is because new evidence sometimes comes up after a judgment has already been made on the case. For example, if a man was sentenced to murder, but new DNA evidence revealed that another suspect, and not the defendant, was at the scene of the crime, then this could cause a vacated judgment to occur.

Typicall,y in order to motion to vacate a judgment, a specific set of rules and procedures must be followed.

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