Public Intoxication

Definition - What does Public Intoxication mean?

Public intoxication is the misdemeanor crime of being drunk and disorderly in a public space.

In order for a person to be arrested for or charged with public intoxication, the person must be intoxicated and disorderly enough to be of a danger to themselves or others, or to property.

Justipedia explains Public Intoxication

Public intoxication arrests often happen when people come out of bars after a night of drinking, and are being very loud, obnoxious and lewd. This can involve a lot of yelling, rowdiness and inappropriate behavior. If a police officer sees this type of activity happening, then they may arrest the person on the spot and bring them to the local police department.

Public intoxication is a misdemeanor crime and is not as serious as felony crimes such as rape, homicide or arson.

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