Contempt of Court

Definition - What does Contempt of Court mean?

Contempt of court is when a person knowingly does something that either disrespects or goes against the orders of the court. A person who commits such an act can be held, "in contempt of court." Examples of acts that could qualify as contempt of court include a spectator screaming or shouting during a trial, insulting the judge, or refusal to pay child support that was court ordered. There are many different acts that can be considered in contempt of court.

Justipedia explains Contempt of Court

A person who does something that is considered in contempt of court is someone who has committed an act that shows blatant disrespect for the court. People who are charged with being in contempt of court can face punitive action. Punishments can include fines and jail time. Acts of contempt of court can range in severity from protestors being a bit too noisy, to a person threatening a judge or a juror in a criminal trial. The judge is largely responsible for determining whether or not a particular act is contempt or not.

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