Contempt of Court, Civil

Definition - What does Contempt of Court, Civil mean?

A civil contempt of court is any breach of a judge's order in a case. The person who has the civil contempt charge can be anyone who is part of the case such as a bystander in the court, a journalist, or someone that is directly involved with the proceedings. Any instance where a person does not act in line with the judge's specific ruling or common rules in court they can be subject to a civil contempt of court charge.

Justipedia explains Contempt of Court, Civil

The judge in the case has the discretion of determining what to do with someone who is held in civil contempt of court. By nature of the charge, they will not be tried criminally. The fine will likely be a monetary one. There is no cap on the amount a judge can rule a person to pay as a result of a charge of this nature.

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