Criminal Charge

Definition - What does Criminal Charge mean?

A criminal charge is a legal charge against a defendant that committed a crime against another person or company, which is not covered under the civil code and that harmed the plaintiff in such a way as to make them a victim.

Types of criminal charges include rape, murder, theft, assault, fraud and other felony charges. With criminal charges, the likely outcome of the person being found guilty would be for that person to be incarcerated. The length of incarceration would vary significantly according to the individual circumstances of the case, as well as whether or not the defendant already has a criminal record.

Justipedia explains Criminal Charge

The district court usually deals with criminal cases. Criminal charges can result in either a trial by jury or a trial by judge, varying from one state to the next.

Overall, a criminal charge begins with an accusation of a crime; the charging of the defendant with the crime; a court case to determine their guilt or innocence; and the sentencing of the person if guilty, or subsequent acquittal of the person if determined innocent.

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