Access Easement

Definition - What does Access Easement mean?

An access easement is a legal permission that a landowner grants to another party to travel on his or her land in order to access a point. Access easements are common when one person's property can only be reached by going through another person's property. If an access easement is granted, then the person who has the access permission would not be qualified as a trespasser while traveling through the landowner's land.

Justipedia explains Access Easement

Even if a piece of land is privately owned, that does not necessarily mean that it has its own driveway that connects it to a public road. In fact, houses commonly can only be accessed by traveling down the driveway of another person, which extends into the property of the original person. So, if the original person does not have an access easement in such circumstances, then it could be very difficult for him or her to reach his or her own property. Luckily, access easements exist to solve such problems.

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