Definition - What does Coercion mean?

Coercion is when a person forces another person to do something that is against their will and normally against the law, i.e. the person is forced to commit an illegal act.

Regardless of the action that is forced upon the other person, be it legal or illegal, the simple act of coercing another person is illegal.

Justipedia explains Coercion

In order to coerce someone into doing something, there must be an element of threat to the coercion, i.e. the person must be scared of some type of repercussion if they do not follow the directions of the other party. The person will still be held legally responsible for their actions, but the coercion would be looked upon as a mitigating factor.

For example: in a court of law, if a person can prove that they were coerced into doing something illegal, then it is probable that the court will rule that the person is not guilty of the action at the same level as if they had been a willing participant.

There are many different levels of sentencing that would be available to a judge for the crime of coercion. The person that was convicted of coercion could face felony-level charges.

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