Definition - What does Conveyancer mean?

A conveyancer is a person who works at the job of transferring properties from one owner to another.

Usually, a conveyancer works within a legal firm or as a legal professional, with the title company as well as the parties who are buying and selling property. The conveyancer will make the paperwork that is needed to file when a change of ownership occurs on a property. The conveyancer is hired by the seller to finish the transaction to a legally binding conclusion.

Justipedia explains Conveyancer

A conveyancer is only able to transfer properties when hired to do so, and over the folio of land that is at the heart of the transfer. It is a legally based service that is offered by conveyancing law firms as their main type of service offer. Some areas require the use of a conveyancer, whereas others allow the parties to complete the transaction by themselves if they wish. It is always advisable to have a conveyancer so that the property transfer will be comprehensive.

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