Background Check

Definition - What does Background Check mean?

A background check is a thorough administrative evaluation of the history of a person or a company in relation to one or more areas including financial records or criminal records.

Background checks are often undertaken when a person is being vetted for employment, especially in a field that is sensitive to one aspect or another of an area that could be abused. One example would be the vetting of bank employees or security guards to ensure that they do not have a reason to steal money—such as a large amount of debt, pending bankruptcy or a gambling problem. Another example are teachers in schools, where the issue relates to determining the suitability of the person to work around children.

Justipedia explains Background Check

Background checks are partially completed by a government organization such as the police force, and are also usually hired out to professional businesses that have access to all types of databases including government civil and criminal records databases.

There are only certain times when a background check is legal; i.e. when a person is authorized to conduct the check, either by being given permission by the potential employee through applying for work, or by being part of a law enforcement agency or court system.

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