Law Enforcement

Definition - What does Law Enforcement mean?

Law enforcement refers to people that hold a job of which the aim is civil management and the enforcement of laws. This naturally includes police officers, judges, court officers, security guards and all governmental agencies that have the enforcement of law at their core, such as the FBI, CIA and military police.

In order to be involved in law enforcement, a person needs to pass specific training and usually vetting, as well as prove that they don't have a criminal history. Each section of law enforcement might also have their own requirements in order to join.

Justipedia explains Law Enforcement

There are three basic levels of law enforcement across the United States: state police, county police and city police. Each section of law enforcement has its own specific duties in each area, but there can be an overlap in the sense that if a crime happens within a jurisdiction, it is possible that one or more law enforcement departments may respond to the scene in order to help process the crime.

If someone calls law enforcement about a specific issue, they will be directed to the law enforcement department that is best suited to the situation.

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