Anger Management

Definition - What does Anger Management mean?

Anger management is a type of therapy that works on the psychology of a person with innate and uncontrollable anger issues such as road rage or violence.

Often, anger management will be court-ordered upon a person who broke the law in a way that was the clear result of uncontrolled anger. This is most common with domestic violence cases and where children are involved.

Anger management classes are taken to prove that the person who once had the problem with anger does not have any further problems. It is supposed to teach the person how to manage their anger rather than have outbursts.

Justipedia explains Anger Management

When the court orders that these classes are taken, there is a fee for attending them. The leader of the class will be court-certified and will be required to provide a written confirmation that the person did everything needed to change their attitude and anger management issues, thus passing the class.

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