Adult Protective Services (APS)

Definition - What does Adult Protective Services (APS) mean?

Adult Protective Services (APS) is a legal department within the family protection agency in every county in the United States, which deals with the welfare of elderly people who may be the victims of abuse or negligence by their relatives or caregivers.

Types of abuse can vary and include domestic or physical abuse; not giving proper medication to an elderly person; or not taking them to their required medical appointments. Not feeding a person enough or not dealing with any other necessary requirement while they are completely dependent can result in negligence or abuse charges being filed.

Justipedia explains Adult Protective Services (APS)

If Adult Protective Services determines that abuse has taken place, it has the legal authority to remove the elderly person from the care of the negligent individual, and place them in alternate facilities that are fully able to care for the person's needs.

If the APS decides to press formal charges, it is very likely that the defendant will be found guilty because there will be overwhelming evidence against them that was properly gathered by the APS.

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