Pretrial Conference

Definition - What does Pretrial Conference mean?

Pretrial conferences are held between the lawyers representing both sides and can include the plaintiff and defendant as well.

The purpose of a pretrial conference is to work through any aspect of the case that is unclear between both parties in order to solidify the case at hand and aim to decrease the amount of time spent in court.

Different pieces of information can be asked by either side and must be handed over, such as further information that will clarify a situation.

Justipedia explains Pretrial Conference

If the plaintiff and the defendant are unable to be in the same room together, they will send their legal representative to the pretrial conference on their behalf. The lawyer in this respect would have the ability to ask the other side for anything that they deem pertinent in order to help their client in the case.

Further information would be requested within the pretrial conference and more time would be allowed to provide the information before the case proceeds.

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