Cop a Plea

Definition - What does Cop a Plea mean?

Cop a plea is when a person who is accused of a crime agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced or lighter sentence. Often, if a judge accepts the plea, then some of the charges against the defendant are dropped. The judge may also reduce the jail time or the fines associated with the admission of guilt. Cop a plea is slang for the more formal term "plea bargain."

Justipedia explains Cop a Plea

Criminal defendants often seek to cop a plea in order to get some leniency from the court in exchange for a quick admission of guilt on at least a portion of the charges levied. Doing this is also known as making a plea bargain. A defendant may seek to cop a plea if they do not think that they can possibly win the trial. This could be because there is incontrovertible evidence or there are eye witnesses, etc. A defendant may also wish to cop a plea if they know that they are guilty and they do not wish to try to deny it.

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