Sunday Law

Definition - What does Sunday Law mean?

A Sunday law is a law that prohibits any commercial trade in a given area on a Sunday. This law has been in the judicial books of the United States since colonial times. It was a consequence of religious devotion in the sense that at first, such laws were enacted against only certain types of commercial enterprises, such as gambling, drinking or other "morally corrupt" activities. The law also allowed people to be able to attend church on Sunday if they wanted, or rest, and since the business was closed for the day, they could not be made to work on it.

Sunday laws can apply at either a state or a local level.

Justipedia explains Sunday Law

In modern times, the only commercial activity that is routinely banned on Sundays is the sale or supply of alcohol. Most states in the U.S. have this law, and it applies to sales of alcohol in shops in most cases, rather than the requirement to close bars as well.

Each jurisdiction is allowed to determine which Sunday laws they have in effect within their own location.

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