Public-Order Crime

Definition - What does Public-Order Crime mean?

Public-order crimes are crimes that involve actions or behaviors that go against what society deems as acceptable behavior. For example, drug use, prostitution, gambling or other similar actions can all qualify as public-order crimes.

Public-order crimes are often not considered as serious as other types of crimes, and their punishments are often not as severe.

Justipedia explains Public-Order Crime

Public opinion often changes over time. So, what was once a public-order crime may not be a public-order crime in the present or in the future. For example, the recreational use of marijuana was often considered a public-order crime. However, recreational marijuana use has been decriminalized in many places, and is now not considered a public-order crime in those areas.

Both gambling and prostitution are also not considered to be criminal actions in some areas of the United States.

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