Victimless Crime

Definition - What does Victimless Crime mean?

A victimless crime is a crime in which no harm is done to an individual or a group of individuals. This often occurs when all parties in the situation have consented, such as with prostitution, or with gambling. However, even if there isn't a victim of the crime, if it is illegal, it is still considered to be a criminal matter.

Justipedia explains Victimless Crime

There is a wide range of crimes that can be classified as victimless crimes. For example, in addition to gambling and prostitution, drug use, public drunkenness, trespassing and many traffic violations can all be victimless crimes.

Often, victimless crimes have lesser sentences than crimes with victims. When there are victims in a crime, such as with robbery, murder, assault, battery, etc., the illegal action is often viewed as more severe. However, people who commit victimless crimes can also get lengthy jail sentences in some situations.

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