Presentence Investigation Report (PSIR)

Definition - What does Presentence Investigation Report (PSIR) mean?

A presentence investigation report or pre-sentence investigation report (PSIR) is a document that is usually, but not always, written by a probation officer. It includes comprehensive information about someone who has been convicted of a crime, and is designed to help the judge determine the extent of the punishment in the case. In addition to the findings, the judge will generally consider the author's recommendations with regard to appropriate sanctions.

Justipedia explains Presentence Investigation Report (PSIR)

A presentence investigation report is typically issued after someone is found guilty of a serious crime. It is largely based on information provided by the person who has been convicted, and presents their side of the story, including any mitigating details. Depending on the nature of the case, it may also include information pertaining to any substance abuse issues and prior offenses. The information found in this type of report also varies, but is generally that which pertains to the subject's work records, education, interpersonal relationships, finances and medical history.

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