Claims Adjuster

Definition - What does Claims Adjuster mean?

A claims adjuster is an independent professional retained by an insurance company or someone directly employed by an insurance company.

In personal injury or similar cases, their job is to negotiate settlements on the company's behalf. In order to do so, the claims adjuster must review the circumstances of each case.

Justipedia explains Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster is usually enlisted following an incident that allegedly results in an injury and/or property damage due to another party's carelessness. In such cases, the insurance company for the person who is supposedly at fault tasks the adjuster with investigating the matter in order to reach an agreement with the aggrieved party.

The inquiry generally includes interviews with the aggrieved party and anyone else who saw what happened. The claims adjuster will also review any supporting documents provided by the party seeking reparations for damages incurred.

The terms of each settlement depend on several factors including the circumstances of each case and the individual adjuster's experience. The latter determines the fiscal compensation that an adjuster is allowed to offer an aggrieved party without deferring to anyone else.

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