Frivolous Lawsuit

Definition - What does Frivolous Lawsuit mean?

This refers to the type of litigation initiated by someone with a baseless claim. People sometimes file these suits in order to bully, intimidate or aggravate another individual, business or organization. Other cases involve unrealistic or unreasonable demands for financial compensation. Because it is costly and time-consuming, frivolous lawsuits are often dismissed out of hand.

Justipedia explains Frivolous Lawsuit

The consequences of filing frivolous lawsuits vary. Plaintiffs who initiate bogus litigation may face fines or be forced to reimburse certain costs associated with the case. Attorneys who habitually represent plaintiffs in these suits risk punishments ranging from fines and sanctions to the temporary or permanent loss of their license. Extreme cases can sometimes result in criminal charges. Defendants in these suits can pursue legal recourse, but only after they've obtained favorable rulings in the original case.

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