Drive-By Shooting

Definition - What does Drive-By Shooting mean?

A drive-by shooting is an incident in which an armed perpetrator or perpetrators shoot at a structure, person or a vehicle from a moving vehicle. This type of shooting is often, but not always, carried out by gang members in urban areas.

The victims of drive-by shootings often include innocent bystanders as well as the intended target(s). If this happens, the perpetrator(s) will also be held responsible for the bystanders' injuries, under the legal doctrine of "transferred intent."

Justipedia explains Drive-By Shooting

Because there are no databases specifically devoted to the issue, it is difficult to quantify the number of drive-by shootings in the United States. However, news accounts and research indicate that this type of shooting occurs less frequently than other types in which the perpetrator has more control over the outcome.

In Los Angeles, for example, authorities attribute the decline in drive-by shootings to changes in gang behavior in the 21st century. Specifically, they say that modern "business practices" have resulted in a preference for more personal, face-to-face shootings.

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