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Definition - What does Law Firm mean?

A law firm is a business in which one or more attorneys practice law. As long as it conducts its operations under a universal name, the firm can have one office or several, with the number of employees varying from a few to several hundred or more.

In addition to attorneys, many firms employ administrative and support personnel such as legal secretaries or paralegals. The type of legal services provided also varies.

Justipedia explains Law Firm

When they are classified by size, U.S. law firms generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. "Solo firms," in which one lawyer handles the entire practice.
  2. "Small law firms," which are generally staffed by at least two attorneys.
  3. "Large firms," which can have hundreds of attorneys and support staff.

U.S. law firms can also be classified by the types of clients that they serve (individuals or businesses) and the types of legal services offered such as criminal defense, family law, probate law, intellectual property law and so forth.

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