International Bar Association (IBA)

Definition - What does International Bar Association (IBA) mean?

Created in 1947, the International Bar Association (IBA) supports legal professionals throughout the world. Its membership includes thousands of attorneys and hundreds of bar associations and law societies.

The IBA's purpose is to facilitate global communication and information-sharing; to encourage the uninhibited practice of law; and to safeguard civil liberties of legal professions and those they are serving.

Justipedia explains International Bar Association (IBA)

The IBA encourages global networking by allowing its members to join sub-groups focused on specific areas of practice, or issues of concern to the legal community.

It also supports young and aspiring lawyers by offering internships at its offices in three countries; by promoting relevant educational opportunities; and by offering scholarships and awards.

Its Human Rights Institute, which operates independently, is devoted to safeguarding the civil rights of professionals engaged in the practice of law and those that they serve.

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