Name Change

Definition - What does Name Change mean?

A name change is a process in which someone legally assumes a different identity. This usually, but not always, involves the use of a different surname / last name, and is often prompted by a change in marital status.

The process is fairly straightforward, but once it is completed, the change must be reflected in all forms of personal identification. It should also be reported to healthcare providers, financial institutions and any other relevant parties.

Justipedia explains Name Change

In general, there are few limitations when it comes to the official modification of a personal moniker.

The only circumstances in which a name change will be disallowed is if the person seeking it is doing so for deceitful or illegal purposes. Names that include inappropriate words—such as curse words or words that explicitly target a specific race, gender or religion—are also unacceptable.

The legal adoption of a celebrity's name is permissible, but only under certain circumstances. The official adoption of a name that legally "belongs" to a business may also be allowed if the person who wants to "share" the name receives permission to do so.

Single letters, initials or designs are also legally acceptable names.

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