Insurance Claim

Definition - What does Insurance Claim mean?

An insurance claim is the official, legal notification that lets an insurance provider know that someone is seeking reimbursement or reparation in certain circumstances. Once it has been submitted, each claim is thoroughly assessed to determine if the request is legitimate. If so, the insurance company will pay the person who made the request directly, or the person who made the request on that party's behalf.

Justipedia explains Insurance Claim

People file insurance claims for all sorts of reasons. One of the most common is that they've been hurt in some way. Depending on the circumstances, the injured party in these cases will submit the claim to their own insurance company, or to another person's insurance company when someone else is to blame.

Submitting an insurance claim rather than pursuing litigation in a personal injury case is one way for the injured party to secure financial compensation for medical costs, lost income and so forth.

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