Definition - What does Promisor mean?

A promisor is a person who promises to do a certain thing at a certain time.

In the context of the law, promisors often promise to do things in contracts. For example, a promisor may agree to pay a person $10,000 in a contract by the date of July 1st.

Justipedia explains Promisor

When a promisor makes a promise, the person to whom the promise is made is called the promisee. If a promisor defaults on an obligation that they made through a legally binding promise, then legal action can be taken. For instance, if the person from the example above did not pay $10,000 by July 1st, then the promisee could take legal action against the promisor. This is as long as the promisor signed an official contract with the promise to do so.

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