Definition - What does Promisee mean?

"Promisee" is the legal name given to a person who benefits from an oral or written pledge made by another individual. The kind of benefit that a promisee receives is based on the type of contract or arrangement and its specific provisions. The benefits usually, but not always, take the form of goods, services, payment or property.

Justipedia explains Promisee

A promisee can seek legal recourse if the person who made the promise fails to deliver. Whether or not they are successful depends on the type of contract or arrangement, its specific language, and liability as determined by contract law.

To determine whether a promise can be enforced, a court evaluates the promise in its totality. This includes the assessment of all statements made in an oral agreement and an assessment of the consideration involved in a promise made through a written agreement. Additional assessments are made in cases involving conditional promises.

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