Political Crime

Definition - What does Political Crime mean?

Political crime can refer to acts committed by political actors, like fraud, perjury, tax evasion, election rigging, bribery and other acts of corruption. These crimes work to undermine the public’s confidence in the political system.

Political crime can also refer to crimes against the state, or between states, such as treason, espionage or sedition.

Justipedia explains Political Crime

Political crimes that are committed by individual politicians or members of a politician’s staff are prosecuted vigorously for the way they undermine the public’s opinion of the government’s legitimacy. Crimes committed by elected officials—like fraud, perjury and bribery—affect the public's perception of government.

Treason, sedition, espionage and terrorism are political crimes involving inter-governmental actions or actions geared at destroying the state. These crimes are often investigated by the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and other well-funded, well-trained institutions.

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