Juvenile Hall

Definition - What does Juvenile Hall mean?

Juvenile hall is an older name given to a facility where minors, who are facing or have been convicted on criminal charges, are temporarily held. While its main purpose is to provide separate confinement for young offenders, juvenile hall is similar to an adult jail in two key ways:

  • First, it is operated by the government.
  • Second, it is a secure facility, meaning that the occupants are closely supervised and cannot come and go freely.

Justipedia explains Juvenile Hall

Known by many names, juvenile halls generally house offenders who are 18 years or younger, and who have committed or been charged with violent and non-violent crimes.

Sometimes, a young person simply ends up in juvenile hall while their case makes its way through the system. In other cases, the minor is sent to the facility for a specified period upon conviction.

However, the emphasis at these facilities isn't on punishing the young people for alleged and actual misdeeds. Instead, the staff works to help them address the underlying issues that caused them to get into trouble in the first place.

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