Definition - What does Delict mean?

Delict refers to an act of wrongdoing done by one party to another. Delicts can be either civil or criminal in nature. Although delict refers to a broad spectrum of acts of wrongdoing, the term is most commonly associated with acts that are less severe. So murder, for example, is usually not called a delict.

Justipedia explains Delict

The punishment for crimes that are delicts are usually just short-term imprisonments or fines.

People who are responsible for delicts can be held liable for them. For example, if you run over a mailbox with your car, then this could be a delict, and you could be held liable for the damages. If you refuse to pay them, then you could be sued and forced to pay them. If the property destruction was intentional, then you could face criminal charges in addition to having to pay damages.

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