Law License

Definition - What does Law License mean?

A law license is a permit that a lawyer gains when they pass the legal bar of a state. The license allows the lawyer to represent others in the specific areas of law that they studied within, i.e., family law or financial law.

A law license has terms and conditions to it, such as maintaining a standard of ethics and maintaining professional liability insurance. Holders of law licenses usually have to pay annual fees to maintain the license.

Justipedia explains Law License

A law license can be taken away by court order if the lawyer breaks the law in a way that would be considered significant and/or related to their job. For example, if a lawyer is caught stealing from their client's funds, their law license will be permanently revoked.

Licenses also require maintaining regulations that relate to the lawyer and client, such as privilege of information and representing a client to the best of the lawyer's abilities.

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