Spoilation of Evidence

Definition - What does Spoilation of Evidence mean?

Spoliation of evidence is when a person destroys, tampers with, hides, or withholds evidence that is relevant for a court case. Spoliation of evidence is a crime, and those accused of it can face criminal punishments if they are found guilty of it.

There are many different ways through which a person can spoil evidence.

Justipedia explains Spoilation of Evidence

A person who is facing serious criminal charges may be tempted to try to spoil evidence. This is because it can be much more difficult to get a conviction if there is not enough supporting evidence.

For example, someone charged with grand larceny may be tempted to try to delete surveillance footage evidence that proves they stole the items in question. This type of spoliation of evidence is taken very seriously, and there can be severe punishments for it.

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