Definition - What does Caseworker mean?

A caseworker is a person who works with the clients of individual cases in order to help them resolve issues and attend to legal guidelines. Caseworkers are typically social workers.

Caseworkers frequently work on family cases that involve children. For example, a caseworker may be assigned to an adoption case and may be tasked with finding out if the prospective adoptive parents are good candidates.

Justipedia explains Caseworker

Social caseworkers are often employed by government agencies. Caseworkers may often have to work with the courts because many of their cases involve legal matters.

It is the responsibility of the caseworker to help the individual to deal with various challenges. This can involve complying with legal standards, adjusting to various issues, or a number of other different things. Caseworkers are usually well educated, and are frequently required to have a bachelor's degree to work in the field.

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