Victim Impact Statement

Definition - What does Victim Impact Statement mean?

A victim impact statement is a statement that is provided by the victim of a crime during the sentencing period of a trial.

Victim impact statements are designed to let the court know exactly how the victim was affected physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc. by the crime. Victim impact statements can potentially impact sentences in many cases.

Justipedia explains Victim Impact Statement

Often, the victims of crimes are profoundly impacted by the crimes committed against them. For example, victims of crime may experience PTSD, monetary losses, physical injuries, property damage and many other negative consequences due to crimes.

If the victim of a crime has been severely harmed by the crime, then the judge may take this into consideration when sentencing the convicted criminal.

Victim impact statements are legal in all 50 states, and they are frequently given in person, on video or through a written statement.

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