Wrongful Birth

Definition - What does Wrongful Birth mean?

Wrongful birth is a type of medical malpractice claim in which the parents of a child born with a genetic condition, which they were not told about, sue the doctor(s) for not telling them.

A physician is required to tell prospective parents what their chances are of having healthy children; this is especially important when a pre-existing genetic condition is known to exist by the physician.

Justipedia explains Wrongful Birth

Parents are supposed to have the opportunity to determine what is in the best interests of their child, even before birth, and many would choose not to have a child with genetic abnormalities that would impede their ability to live normally or to reach the age of an adult. If a physician takes away that ability to decide by withholding information, or through not being diligent enough to realize that such a situation might occur, they can be held responsible for gross negligence. This would be shown with a medical malpractice suit for wrongful birth.

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